What Does A Mobile Hairstylist Do?

My name is Enigma and I’m a mobile hairstylist located in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. I became a licensed cosmetologist in 2016 and started commuting to local brides, celebrities and senior citizens in 2018. When I first started I notice there were a lot of potential clients in the area that needed hair services at home. This year makes four years I’ve been a traveling hairstylist for the Washington Metropolitan Area.

How to schedule your at-home hair service?

When it comes to scheduling your appointment. Visit enigmatic.space, click on the services tab to select the proper hair maintenance, and follow the prompts on the screen. If the date you need assistance isn’t available send a text message to 240-244-9828 and list as much information about your future appointment. For last-minute hair appointments first send a text message and if you do not get a response within two hours call and leave a detailed message. In a day I try not to book no more than three at home hair services in a day. If your appointment is booked within the last 24 to 48 hours there will be a last minute convenience fee added onto your service.

What do mobile hairstylists do after you schedule your appointment?

All appointments have to be approved by me and may take up to 72 hours to get a response. Once I receive a request I cross-check my schedules and the time frame it will take me to commute to you. I also see if I have to pay for parking and ensure I have all of the proper hair tools for my clients. Some appointments do require an over-the-phone or virtual consultation. For an example if your are looking for a bridal hairstyle, hair extensions or a hair color appointment you should book a consultation. This appointment will allow me to understand what your expectations are and to properly educate you on the the service you would like. As a mobile hairstylist/certified extension specialist I really pride myself on healthy hair care services and delivering excellent quality.

How do I prepare for your appointment?

I pack my hair kit two days prior to your and recheck my kit the day prior to your appointment. On the first day of my initial preparation for your at-home hair service, I clean and make sure all tools needed for your appointment are clean. The night before I get on the road I crosscheck my kits to ensure everything I need is there. If for any reason you need to add on an extra service send me a text message as soon as possible.

What to expect on the day of your appointment?

As a mobile hairstylist, my number one priority is arriving to you on time and making sure you’re satisfied with your at-home hair service. An hour before your appointment You will receive a screenshot of my estimated time of arrival. If for any reason I am running late or an accident has occurred I will notify you as soon as possible through text message or a phone call. If for any reason you are running late please notify me as soon as possible you have a grace period of 30 minutes and then I will reschedule your appointment. When rescheduling your future appointment another deposit will be required to secure your new appointment.

Do you tip your at home hairstylist?

I would highly recommend tipping your mobile hairstylist. There’s alot of things to take in account to tipping your hairstylist. First ask yourself were you satisfied with your service and did you get good customer service? If you answered yes then I would tip 15 to 20 percent. There’s a lot of preparation and behind the scenes work that occurs when assisting clients at their home.

How to get in Reach me?

If you’re in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area and are in need of a bridal, celebrity or certified extension hairstylist don’t hesitate to contact me. You can schedule your appointment online or fill out my form. Would you like to see my google profile? Type Enigmatic (Mobile Hair Salon) in the google search engine and make sure you save my business profile to keep up to date with promotions and updates.

Instagram: Enigmatic.Space Snacpchat: Enigmaticspace Youtube: Enigmatic Space


Mobile Hair Stylist Price List:

Mobile Haircut: $100.00+

Mobile Silk Press: $150.00+

Bridal Hairstyles: 200.00+ Add On Mobile Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment: $25.00+

Hair Extensions (ITIPS/Microlinks, KTIPS, Volume Weft, Tape Ins): TBD, Schedule Consultation $25.00

Hair Color: TBD, Schedule Consultation $15.00

Mobile hair Stylist For Seniors

If you need help with an elderly relative or patient, call 240-244-9828 and we can discuss if the individual needs any special accommodations. Once we come up with a game plan we will move forward with scheduling an appointment.

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