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Since the age of five I have alway had an obsession with hair. I will never forget watching the commercial for the Kenya Doll by Tyco.  I practiced my braiding technique and intertwine the beads on my mannequins hair everyday. By the age of eight I started to pick up braiding hair and taught myself how to cornrow. Eventually I was braiding me and my sisters hair once a week due to the fact of how fine our hair was. Now for makeup I started really experimenting in the 7th grade and the the quality was horrible. I would take my weekly allowance and head to the beauty store to get a eyeshadow palette by NYX or some lipgloss.  As I’m writing all of this history I’m thinking back to all the signs that confirmed I would become a licensed cosmetologist.  After high school I ended up working in a few pharmacies and started to attend a community college. I completed a semester and realized that if I was going to pay for a schooling on my own I might as well do something that I love.  My sister and I drove 40 minutes to take a tour of Paul Mitchell The School Tysons Corner and after my walk through I knew I had to enroll.  After 15 long months I finally collected 1,500 hours of study and passed my state board.  From there I’ve worked at multiple hair salons, fashion shows and for the cosmetology state board.  When it comes to beauty I’m just naturally gifted and  that’s why I’m the best mobile hair stylist in the area. If you have any questions about scheduling an at home hair appointment or just need a virtual hair consultation you can schedule your appointment today. 

Enigma Kargbo (Mobile Hairdresser)


Enigma Kargbo

Owner (Mobile Hairdresser)

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