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Let me start off by saying congratulations to all the soon to be brides! I know there maybe a lot on your plate preparing for your wedding but hair and makeup must be squared away. As a bridal hairstylist I will help state all the key factors in this blog to help you prepare for you wedding I’ve accumulated an abundance of knowledge by assisting multiple weddings in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia Area. Sometimes we don’t think about certain situations until it’s just too late. This blog is to help you prepare for any incidents that may occur and be able to have a stress free wedding day. To educate all of the bridesmaids make sure you share this article because everyone wants to look and feel their best.

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Bridal Updo Low Bun

how to Prepare Skin And Hair For Wedding Day?

Working multiple weddings in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area, I’ve learned a lot. Let’s jump right into hair, at least three months prior to your wedding day a routine appointment should be scheduled with your hairstylist. During this appointment you should get your split ends trimmed and receive a protein and hydrating treatment. Don’t be scared to ask your hairdresser is there anything you can do to improve the natural state of your hair. After your appointment I would recommend you use a ultra hydrating mask hair mask once a week and or every other week. These steps are a must if you want to style your natural hair because split ends will not allow a hairstyle to last.

Best Wedding Skincare Prep

Now to prepare the skin for a makeup application you need to have a skin care routine in place. You can start by exfoliating once a week, this will remove dead skin to create a natural glow. Cleanse your skin twice a day and rinse with lukewarm water to close pores. Then, pat dry your face with a clean towel and apply moisturizer. Also, remember what you put in your body will always come out, be very careful what you consume at least three months prior to your wedding day. With me having eczema and acne, I noticed dairy and wheat consumption troubles my skin. If you do have eczema I would recommend drinking a lot of water, applying a hyaluronic serum and moisturizing face cream. In the future I will be posting a YouTube Video about my personal skincare journey with eczema. On your wedding trial I would recommend bringing all of your favorite skincare products with you to your appointment.

Locating A Bridal Hairstylist

The best way to locate a bridal hairstylist or bridal hair salon would be through Google. When doing my research I always rely on Google because all social media platforms are optimized through google. So if your search for “hairdresser for wedding near me” they will show you instagram, youtube, pinterest and google my business that relate to your search. Google also plays fair when it comes to leaving reviews about all businesses. Unfortunately, some of the most popular platforms will subtract good reviews to lower the reach of business. This is a tactic to get businesses to pay to reach more potential clients and increase the rate to costs per clicks. There for you no matter where you found your hair stylist you should schedule a wedding hair trial. Your bridal hairstylist maybe so talented that they are able to work through all hectic situations. To build a relationship and complete understanding with your wedding hairdresser, I would highly recommend a bridal hair trial.

what accessories do brides need?

The goal is to always ensure the bride is happy on her wedding day. Things I think everyone should have for not only the bride but the bridal party would be a emergency beauty kit. This kit would consist of lip gloss, three natural lip liners, waterproof mascara, shimmer setting spray, a highlighter, edge control, hair pins and beads. Sometimes someone is running late and need a natural enhancement, this kit will definitely come in handy. Other items you may need are a sewing kit that have safety pins in it and a first aid kit of course. The day of the wedding everyone’s a little nervous and you can tear your dress or potentially hurt yourself. Now the final item that every bridal party must have is a really good speaker. Music will help ease the tension for everyone and honestly it’s a necessity. Good tunes will bring everyone together and create some memorable videos .

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